I was undecided in the Presidential Primary until recently, but I’m starting to really like Obama.  I made a knitting chart of his logo, and I’m going to try to knit it into a hat before our primary on Feb 5.  In honor of today’s New Hampshire primary I’m putting it up for any other knitting Obama supporters who might like it.  Feel free to use it if you want!

Obama Chart

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7 responses to “Obama

  1. Oh… yay! Cute! This message has been approved by… me :)

  2. Yep I’ll be using this! Thanks!

  3. You are my kind of knitter. :-D

  4. Cool. I like Obama too. All of the Democrats seem pretty good.

  5. That’s fantastic!

  6. Hooray! Thanks for this. I’ll sneak it into something on the needles.

  7. Thanks for sharing this one. If you’re interested, you could try crocheting a few Pigs in Lipstick badges to hand out. I’ve posted the pattern here for anyone interested:

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