March 2009 – In case you missed it

Once again, I recap my favorite knit blog posts from last month.

Best retro styling 

Best 1990s reference 

Hottest yarn pr0n 

Hottest garter stitch pron 

Tied for best stripes:

Favorite Interweave FO 

Tied for Favorite Knitty FO:
From the beginning of the month and from the end of the month

Must-have Ivy Day fashion

Prettiest colorway (even prettier in person) 

Best Vest 

Most Amazing Socks (and hottest wrong-side pr0n) 

Happiest Mittens 

7 responses to “March 2009 – In case you missed it

  1. Hee! Thanks for including me here. :)

  2. Awww, thank you so much!

  3. thanks, emilee! i hope my dress lives up to your expectations!

  4. Thanks! What a great idea. Now, I’m not going to miss out on all this cool stuff out there.

  5. Another awesome wrap up!! Again, you manage to find some super cool stuff that I’ve missed somehow, thank you for putting this together (and thanks so much for the nod, too!)

  6. Great links, love finding new blogs and great FO’s to admire

  7. Oh, I’m so late in seeing this, but thank you so much for including me here!

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