Yellow Ishbel

ishbel 021

Much to my own surprise, I finished the yellow Ishbel in time to give it to my friend Jennifer at her graduation party yesterday. I chose the color yellow for my own reasons, but it doesn’t hurt that it fits with Project Spectrum too!

ishbel 006

I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and happy that I could get it done so fast. I went to Sit-n-knit in Wethersfield on Wednesday on a mission to find the perfect yellow yarn. The ever-enthusiastic and helpful woman there helped me find all the yellow fingering and lace weight so I could choose the shade I liked best. Online yarn sources are great, but I was really glad I had an LYS nearby so I could talk to a live human.

ishbel 029

Malabrigo sock (in Ochre) really was the perfect yellow yarn. There was enough variegation to make the stockinette portion interesting, but it didn’t detract from the lace portion at all. It also has great yardage – I was able to make the large size (turned out to be 61 inches across the top) and have 8 grams left over.

ishbel 028

The yarn is also super soft and it blocked into the lace pattern nicely.

ishbel 008

Speaking of blocking. What do you do when you cast off for a lace project less than two hours before you need to get in the car to go give it to the recipient?

ishbel 004

I’m sure speed-blocking wouldn’t work for every project, but it worked for this one, anyway.

ishbel 007

I’m really happy with how it turned out. No wonder it is such a popular pattern!

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28 responses to “Yellow Ishbel

  1. It is absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. it looks lovely! i’m impressed with your speed. i know i would never make it through that pattern because i’d get bored to death but the finished projects in Rav all look nice.

  3. That turned out great. I think the yellow is gorgeous!

  4. Lovely! And so quick!

  5. That is so beautiful! Is that just one skein of Malabrigo Sock?

  6. Pretty! And I like you quick drying method. :)

  7. Oh wow, that is beautiful! Excellent job!

  8. That is stunning. What a lucky friend

  9. aw that looks great!

    i had my eye out for you all weekend but i didn’t see you around. oh well! i’m sure i’ll run into you soon.

  10. WOW! That is beautiful and amazing. You did an incredible job on it!

  11. So gorgeous! And I can’t believe how fast you knit it!

  12. Ok, must queue that one up, it is too irresistible. Great job!

  13. That one came out soooo beautiful! the yellow is gorgeous!

  14. It is so beautiful! That color of yellow fits the pattern so well.

  15. Thanks for your comment on my blog :o) Love this shawl – the colourway is really beautiful for it

  16. Looks great! I hope your friend appreciated it!

  17. Love it! The colour is fabulous and I do love how soft the malabrigo sock yarn is. Your friend is going to b bowled over, is my guess. How many skeins of the sock yarn did you need?

  18. Beautiful!! It so pretty in yellow! A ray of sunshine. =)

  19. WOW! how beautiful, a real work of art!

  20. The color is perfect! It almost glitters in the 3rd photo.

  21. Gorgeous!! Very nice yarn color!

  22. Wow! That is quite gorgeous!

  23. it is just fabulous!! beautiful work all around.

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  28. Great job! Speed blocking… Good tip…

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