In case you missed it – March 2010

Hooray! It’s April!

garden 008

If you’re not out enjoying the gorgeous spring weather, check out these great blog posts from March.

Best pairing of fashion and nickname

Coolest design story

Prettiest yarn

Most thoughtful post on sizing

Coolest embroidery

Most moving story

Most colorful

Most tinking (it was totally worth it)

Favorite fabric (and adorable dress)

Glow in the dark yarn?!

Prettiest purple

Most darling little sweater (and knit with a new technique!)

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4 responses to “In case you missed it – March 2010

  1. I love your monthly recaps!

  2. Thank you! I didn’t even realize how much cool stuff I’d missed.

  3. aw, thanks for linking to me :-)

  4. I must agree with the previous commenter, the inescapable fact in which information and suggestions such as you supply is now commonly avaliable does imply we all find ourselves that much more encouraged than a few years ago.

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