A bunny for the kitty

For some reason (to avoid bar study?) I decided to make a catnip mouse for my cat, Fiona. As it turns out, I preferred the catnip bunny pattern from Coffee and Cream. It was super easy, and only took about an hour (during my nightly Daily Show-Colbert Report wind-down).


I followed the pattern, except that the tail is a bobble rather than felt.

How does she like it?







She loves it! I have a feeling that I’ll make many more.

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9 responses to “A bunny for the kitty

  1. that’s one happy little nip head!

  2. Catnip toys are so much fun to make. And fun to watch your cat enjoy. Fiona is a cutie!

  3. aww, that is so cute! i should make something for my little ones.

  4. Fluffy kitty belly and happy nip.

  5. Calvin and Ripple will take 2, please.

    So cute!

  6. Awww! Such a cute stoned kitty!

  7. So cute! I think I know what my next quick project might be …

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