Tour de Fleece – Victory!

July 2012 025

Huzzah! I have succeeded in spinning all of that berry-colored fiber into just under 1100 yards of slightly variable worsted-ish yarn.

July 2012 018

July 2012 020

I am pleased with how it turned out, both the weight and the marled coloring.

In particular, I am astonished at how well my plan of plying light with dark worked out.

July 2012 009

When all was said and done, this was all that remained of unplyed singles. I very seldom wind up with a bobbin that small at the end, even when only spinning 4oz!

One thing I was not thrilled with is how many times I had to wash to get excess dye out.

July 2012 033

I had expected this, given how the fiber turned my hands pink and left a nice pink streak on the left thigh of my PJ pants (it washed out fine). But still, it’s annoying. I rinsed four times and the water was still pink, but I was starting to worry about agitating the yarn too much.

July 2012 035

So now the yarn is drying. I don’t think I felted it. Should I try to knit my sweater during the Olympics or would that be dumb?

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10 responses to “Tour de Fleece – Victory!

  1. so pretty! and I say go for it :-)

  2. Not dumb – impressive!

  3. Very pretty!!! I want to see it knit up, it’s going to make something really lovely!

  4. I love getting your lovely writings and luscious pictures!!!
    Carry on, girL.

  5. Yay! That looks awesome. :-)

  6. My goodness, that is incredible! Good for you! I think it would be doubly awesome if you were crazy enough to knit it up during the Olympics to boot. I’ll keep my eye out for it at Rhinebeck!!

  7. Awesome job, Emilee! I think you could totally knit your sweater during the Olympics ;)

  8. Beautiful! And why not knit a sweater? It’s all fresh and ready to go …

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