Ravellenic Gradient

I have spun 16 lots of yarn. This is my favorite.

August 2012 013

August 2012 015

August 2012 027

The color gradient is perfect, and it is a fairly even 360 yards of heavy fingering. I Navajo plied onto my giant Bosworth spindle that I got at Rhinebeck last year. All 4.6 ounces fit!

August 2012 007

I finished Sunday at 11:30 am. For a few hours I considered submitting the finished yarn to Rhinebeck. Then I decided that the yarn would shine better in a half-circle shawl that showcased the sunset colorway.

August 2012 029

I cast on for Shattered Sun less than four hours after I finished plying. Yes, I washed it. Yes, it was (mostly) dry. Hey, the Olympics end in a week, I don’t have forever!

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6 responses to “Ravellenic Gradient

  1. it looks gorgeous!

    btw, if you are still having trouble with your wheel take-up, i thought of something else. the spring on my wheel eventually crapped out on me, so i replaced it with a hair elastic and it works like gangbusters now. just one more thing to check.

  2. That is INCREDIBLE yarn. Love it!!!

  3. That yarn is stunning!

  4. This is so pretty! I should be doing more navajo plying!

  5. That yarn looks marvellous! Well done :)
    I’d like some too! Lol

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