Hi There

So, I’ve started a blog. This is not an ambitious blog. I just want to be able to chat about knitting, and post pictures of my project. This inaugural post highlights my UFOs, in honor of the Knitty Coffeeshop’s July WIP along. They are listed in the order that I hope to finish them. Sadly, this is not the complete collection, as some UFOs still reside at my parents’ house in Connecticut.

#1: Mesilla, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
This yarn was originally a skirt in a Feather and Fan pattern from an issue of Interweave knits. The skirt wasn’t doing it for me, so I frogged it right around the time that Spring Knitty came out. I think that this yarn will be much happer as Mesilla, and I want to finish it soon so I’ll be able to wear it before it gets too cold for short sleeves again.

#2: Clapotis, Noro Silver Thaw
This is going to be a birthday present for my friend Elizabeth. Her birthday isn’t until September, so I have time, but I should get going. As you can see, I get distracted…

#3. Rosedale U, Noro Kureyon
I started this sweater about a year ago. I lost momentum at some point because I wasn’t thrilled about the color scheme. I’m diggin’ it now though, as a fall, wear with jeans kind of sweater. I hope to finish it by October.

#4. Leftovers, Light Lopi
I started this project AGES ago, using leftovers from my favorite FO. Sadly, right towards the end I ran out of green, and there was drama finding more. I have finally found some, and I’m ready to get back into this project. The bulk of the work will be weaving in all those ends, which I HATE to do.

#5. Modified Bloom Wrap, Noro Kureyon
This was supposed to be a birthday present for my sister. Her birthday is in December. Oops. Maybe this year…

#6. Something for Mom, Manos del Uruguay
This colorway screams my mom’s name, and the fugly vest I made doesn’t do it justsice. Must be frogged and reborn.

So, apparently I like Noro and LOVE Knitty.  I hadn’t realized until now just how many Knitty projects I’ve started until now.  I’m also ashamed to admit that I’m a starter and not a finisher; I’m comittment-phobic when it comes to knitting.  Those who know that in real life I married at 23 might find that funny.


6 thoughts on “Hi There

  1. Welcome to the blog world! I started my blog the same as you, just wanted to put up pictures of my knitting and chat with the knittyfolk.
    Your WIPs look really great. I look forward to keeping up with your progress.

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