Free the Fug!

I was inspired to free the fug the other day.

The yarn is so much happier now…

The beautiful yarn that was in a stupid vest is free… FREE! I even decided what I’ll do with it. One of my favorite FOs is a Rosedale that I made in Charisma from Valley yarns. The simple pattern shows off handpainted yarn beautifully, because it gets to take center stage. I decided that another Manos yarn in a complementary colorway would do nicely for the corrugated rib. (I also decided that I’m only about 90% sure I have enough of the red for a whole Rosedale. If I run out, I’ll just make parts of the sweater not red.) So, here is what I’ll go with.

I really like it. Now, I just need to finish the other Rosedale I’m working on, so I can recover my supply of size 8 needles.

Unfortunately, I was a bad girl at the yarn store (Woolcott in Harvard Square). See, they were having a sale on Artful Yarns. 40% off. And this yummy Circus called my name and begged to be made into Cathode someday. And maybe I cast on, but I swear, it was just to test it. I promise, I will not really get started until at least August, because July is for finishing stuff up!

I also made some progress on Mesilla, and I’m almost ready to begin the stripes at the bottom.


4 thoughts on “Free the Fug!

  1. Your mesilla is looking cute. keep up the good work! Did you change the pattern for the gauge that you’re getting with the cotton fleece, or were you able to meet the pattern gauge?

  2. Thanks! The gauge I’m getting in the cotton fleece is a bit finer than the pattern calls for, so I decided to work it in a size larger than I might ordinarily. I made a few more modifications that I’ll outline once I’m done.

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