In which I get past a minor setback, and finally finish Rosedale U sleeves

I’m making some progress on my WIPs. I added a few more rows to Clapotis, but then put it aside so I have an easy, portable project to take to Connecticut this weekend. As soon as I picked up Rosedale U I remembered why I put it down in the first place. I’ve been really fussy about the color placement on the sleeves, and I monitored their progress to be sure that all of the stripes were lining up. Back in January, when I was three quarters of the way through the second sleeve, I discovered that their was a break in the yarn, tied with a simple square knot. And at the other side of the knot it was the wrong color! GAH!

At the time I was working on a huge case at work, and I didn’t have time to work out my (minor) knitting setback. But, yesterday, I was able to finagle the stripes and come up with matching sleeves. Yay! On the inside of the second sleeve there are some ends to weave in.

But from the outside you’d never know.

My knitpicks interchangeable needles came today! I love them. I was able to make some progress on the yoke, and it was SO much faster than the bamboo I was using. I highly recommend them. I’m excited that one of the first yoke stripes was the turquoise, to highlight the smaller stripes.

I think I should be done in a week. Then what should I pick up next?

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