It had been hot here. Incredibly, ludicrously hot. I simply cannot work on any of my thick wool WIPs under these conditions. And besides, I have a new love in my life right now.

These are Straight-Laced from Knitty, in Knitpicks Sock Memories, Rocky Mountain Dusk. Despite their extraspicy rating, I cast on for them last night, never having completed a pair of socks in my life. It is so… freeing to begin a project ready and willing to learn, and to make mistakes in the process. The yarn cost under $10, and they’re SOCKS fer crying out loud! They can have mistakes in them, no one will look closely. In fact, there is already a pretty major mistake in there, but I don’t care. ONWARD!

I’ve been fighting a bit with the yarnovers on either side of the two knit stitches in the lace pattern. As you can see, the loops on the right are smaller than the loops on the left.

I’m pretty sure it’s because the instructions are to knit two together on both the left and the right side. In the picture below, don’t the stitches to the right of the smaller hole look twisted? I think the K2Ts on the right are constricting the yarnovers. I’ll try doing SSK for a few rounds to see if that helps at all.


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