N is for New Leaf

This is my favorite house plant. It is a Christmas Cactus that I bought at Target three and a half years ago. It was about a week after Christmas, and Target had stopped watering the “Christmas” plants that hadn’t sold. It broke my heart to see all of those poor little plants being neglected, so I bought one that looked like it had some hope for survival. It was the size of one of my spread hands, and because of its poor condition, it cost $1.50. As it turns out, it blooms around Valentine’s Day and puts out new leaves every summer. I love watching this plant thrive, because it reminds me that you can turn around a bad situation and recover.

The bad news today is that I have an awful cold and didn’t go to work. The good news is that I made a ton of progress on Clapotis, Straight-laced, and Zora. I’ll take photos when I have the energy!


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