Totally Tubular

I am officially in love with tubular cast ons. I started Glasgow Lace, and I decided that I wanted k1p1 ribbing at the cuffs and bottom hem to match the neck line. I figured that this was a good time to try doing a tubular cast on, because the cast on had been too tight on my swatch.

I love the way it turned out. Here is a wide shot to see the progress on the sleeves.

Meanwhile, I began the cuffs on the sweater that I am making my mom for Christmas. It is a modified Rosedale, out of Manos del Uruguay. Using these two yarns…

I am doing a corrugated-rib cuff.

The sleeves will then continue with the brighter red. I’m not totally sure that I have enough of the red to do the whole sweater, so I’ll do whatever I need to do in the multi. For now, the bottom hem and collar will definitely be multi too.

I’m really excited about the projects I have going right now. I have some socks, which are portable. I have Glasgow Lace, which I’m modifying and which I have to pay some attention to. Then I have Red Rosedale, that will be very simple and that I can zone out on. After finishing up my WIPs in July I feel kind of silly starting a bunch of new stuff immediately, but I think that it’ll be good to move between three projects.


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