My first pair of socks

This is my first-ever completed pair of socks. (Note that I didn’t say first-ever started pair of socks.)

Straight-Laced from knitty (of course!) in Knitpicks Memories Rocky Mountain Dusk. I started them about a month ago, but I have certainly not been monogamous.

As I’ve said before, I had a blast with these. I felt totally free to explore new techniques, and maybe mess up, because hey, they’re just socks! I have knit a ton of sweaters, and I didn’t “get” socks, but now I can see the fun. I got frustrated with juggling the two circulars, so I did them both on one needle with Magic Loop. Magic Loop is great! There is pretty significant pooling, and the one on the left above is quite a bit darker, but I don’t really care. I love wacky socks, and these are MY wacky socks.

Also, I absolutely DO NOT believe that Straight-laced is extraspicy. It just wasn’t that hard at all, and I can’t imagine that it is harder than, say, Hedera.

I know that there are many more socks in my future, so I have a question for my sock-knitting friends. I have big feet (US 10-10.5) and I feel like the heel on this sock isn’t really wide enough for my foot. The “seam” where I knit stitches together while turning the heel is on the bottom of my heel, and I am afraid that it might get annoying to step on it. Next time, should I knit across more stitches before turning so the “seam” ends up more at the side? Or should I just try a short-row heel?

2 thoughts on “My first pair of socks

  1. Great job on the socks – I’m warning you however – it is a very very silpery slope. Soon you will find yourself with more sock yarn than could every really be required because it looks so pretty and “it’s only one skein” so it dosen’t count!

  2. Straight Laced was probably considered hard because of the circs, but it all depends on what you start off on as to whether you’re used to dpns or circs. They look great! I tried to knit a pair during the Olympics and failed miserably — I thought the pattern was wrong, but I guess I was wrong since you made them so nicely!

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