Happy Birthday to Everyone

I decided to stop making Christmas gifts. I married in April, doubling the size of my family, so I decided that I had too many loved ones to knit for all at once. I would do birthdays instead. It seems more fitting to make a unique, special gift for the “holiday” that is unique to them. This is great in theory, but my mother, sister, and mother-in-law all have birthdays between December 4th and January 6th. I got a late start on the present for a friend whose birthday was way back in September, and I just finished it so I’m crunched anyway. Bah!

My mother-in-law has the first birthday, so I started her present. After much internal debate over what to make (Lade E? Cozy?) I decided on Clapotis. Here it is, in Noro Silk Garden #224, right about to begin the straight section.

I’m pleased with the way that it’s turning out. I’ve been pestering poor Hubby about whether or not she’ll like it, but I am assured that she will. I probably won’t make it in time for the actual birthday, but again, he assures me that she’ll forgive me.

I’m also stuck on what to do for my own mother. I have some gorgeous red yarn that I was planning on making into a modified Rosedale for my mom. The only thing is, she’s going through menopause and has been having hot flashes pretty bad lately, and hasn’t really been wearing wool. She’s not really a cotton sweater kind of gal, though. I wonder what I should do.


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