I’m about halfway through the Clapotis for Judy, my MIL.

This is a good opportunity to show you how fussy I get about matching up stripes in Noro.

I buy a bunch of these

and re-wind them so I can find any knots that disrupt the color sequence. If there is a knot I start a new ball.

I bought six skiens, but I ended up with eight balls of varying sizes.

I figure our which color each ball starts and ends with, and plan an order so the color sequence is continuous.

When I have to join a new ball, I make sure to start it with exactly the same color that I’m finishing with. And after all that, Noro betrayed me.

Ok, fine, it isn’t that big a deal. Here, I’ll show you what I mean.

On the left, pink is followed by olive-brown, and then by purple. The next time pink came up it was followed directly by purple, skipping the olive-brown! I didn’t join it wrong, the ball skipped that color. It just goes to show that knitting is governed by mysterious forces beyond our control!


3 thoughts on “Persnickety

  1. That is a beautiful piece of work. As the knitter who knows it may irk you, but as a viewer I couldn’t see a problem in the first unlabeled picture– and I was looking for one. No one else who sees you wear it will be even looking for a problem.

  2. I would never have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out! That’s part of the fun with stripy varigated yarn…you just never know how it will behave!

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