Sweater sighting!

My husband overheats really easily, so he hardly ever wears the ultra-warm Lopi sweater I made for him.

He did today though. Yay! Even if he doesn’t wear it often, I like that sweater. It was the first big colorwork project that I ever did, and it came out nicely. Besides, he married me anyway, even though we were just dating when I gave it to him.

In other exciting news, Sockpr0n gave me some Koigu in exchange for A Gathering of Lace, which I hadn’t been using.

It looks just like Tutti Fruitti jelly beans, very exciting. After I’m done with all my gifts I need to use some of this sock stash I’ve been amassing.

After my incredibly positive experience with Cozy I bought Andean Silk in Bluebell and Lettuce, nine skeins each.

I had planned to make another Cozy for myself in the green, but it turned out to be too close in color to my coat so I decided to make something else with it. Any suggestions? How does Andean Silk work up into a sweater? I had considered getting more in the slightly darker green and using it for Tubey. Does it hold ribbing or cables very well?


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