Doomed from the beginning

Attentive and long-term readers may remember this fiasco.

After some soul-searching, blog-searching, and discussions with my guy, I have decided that Blackberry was doomed from the beginning.

This is not to say that it’s a bad pattern. The pattern picture is really cute. Jen, aka Knitting Spaz, made one and it looks great. I took poor, forgotton Blackberry out of the closet, and tried to plan my next attempt. Then DH asked me why I would make “a sweater with big cabled sleeves and a little body” if I do not currently own such a sweater. How did I know that it would fit and that I would like it?

“Huh,” I thought, “I don’t.”

Then it occured to me. The people who look cute in this sweater are somewhat petite. Now, I’m not getting all down on myself, I’m just trying to be realistic. I am 5ft 8in tall. In a bulky sweater I look rather…. bulky. I searched blogland for pictures of people with my body type wearing it, and it just doesn’t seem like it would do me any favors.

The yarn I chose is a really pretty teal color with flecks of blue and green, and it doesn’t deserve to be a shapeless blob that I would never wear.

So now it is waiting patiently for plan B.

I do have a plan though.

I had done a different cable up the arms, and I still really like it. I am thinking a vest in reverse stockinette, with this cable running up the center. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Doomed from the beginning

  1. You know, you’re right. I think bulky yarns look very good on a particular body type, and that they make most other people look surprisingly… rectangular. Myself included. If you have boobs and a butt curvier than the average 13-year-old’s, bulky yarns sort of hide that there’s a waist between the two. Not good.

  2. I think that might be part of the problem with Forecast too….it’s a beautiful cardigan but the cables and bobbles that run down the sides of the arms can really make your shoulders look big. I have pretty wide shoulders myself and I realized that it just wouldn’t do me any good.
    That yarn is sooo pretty! It looks like a really nice wool too and I think it would make a beautiful vest.

  3. I made Blackberry and have yet to weave in the ends, because the sleeves are just so freaking wide! It’s not so much that they make me look big, it’s that they’re big themselves. So yeah, I would repurpose the wool on that one too.

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