Where are they now?

As I was moving my blog, I ran across posts that feature WIPs that I haven’t mentioned in awhile.  Time for an update!

Lady Eleanor:
I made some great progress in November, but then gave up on it and never mentioned it again. Sadly, Kureyon seems too “sproingy” for a wrap like this one.

Lady E

See?  It just doesn’t have the drape that I would want. 

I’m disappointed that it didn’t work out.  I really admire all of the other Lady Es that I’ve seen in blogland, and I want one for my own.  By more disappointing is that fact that I already had a kickin’ hat that matches the failed Lady E.

Entrelac Hat

I finished this hat in November, and I’ve been wearing it all winter. I haven’t posted about it, because I wanted to model them both together. That and I’ve been meaning to write up the pattern, but I forgot exactly what I did. I’ll figure it out, and post the pattern before it’s hat weather again.  I plan to try again in Silk Garden.  After using it for a Clapotis for my MIL, I think it would be great for Lady E.

Sweater for my Mom:
Oof. I’ve been fiddling around with this forever. I’m using Manos in “Flame,” an absolutely gorgeous range of reds.

Manos Flame

I’m not quite sure what I’ll do yet. I need to do something really nice to allow this great yarn to shine the way it deserves to.

Red Light Special:
I realized that I accidentally skipped a row, and I can’t bring myself to tink back just yet. It’s stalled in a relatively early stage.

Red Light Special

Clapotis is coming along, slowly.


I’m actually satisfied with my progress. I’m enjoying the process of knitting with Lion and Lamb so much that I’m not in any great hurry to get it done. I work on it when I want something soothing, and blue, and beautiful.

I detached the arms this weekend

Wicked 3/6/07

I hadn’t been hurrying on this either, but now I sort of am. I want to wear it before it gets too warm!

 In the meantime I’ve had a couple of secret projects going, and I’ve been working on socks.  It would probably do me good to do a WIP roundup every month or so, just so I don’t forget all that I have on the needles.


6 thoughts on “Where are they now?

  1. All of your projects are pretty! I like your hat and also your Clapotis. Are you liking Wicked? I might have to get that pattern. It looks like a fun knit. 🙂

  2. Beautiful knitting! Too bad about the Lady E., but at least you weren’t done when you realized it wasn’t going to work!

  3. Just wanted to pop in and send you a resource on the Lady E…last year (Jan-Mar) I hosted a small, quick KAL for Lady E and most of the participants at that time used Silk Garden. I have since seen a couple being worked up in Rowan’s Tapestry and it’s gorgeous. But if you want to use Noro, Silk Garden works very well and does have a nice drape. Maybe the Kureyon on larger needles would have more drape, especially after a steam. Even in the Silk Garden, my Lady got more cohesive and drapy after steaming because of the nature of the entrelac.

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