My Shiny New Dining Room

I didn’t do much knitting this weekend.  That’s because my mom, my husband, and I painted the dining room in our new condo.




I LOVE the way it turned out. We used Benjamin Moore paint in Yarmouth Blue, which is a very nice color. The dining room had been light blue before, but the shade was off. It was cold, and icy, and just not a pleasant dining room color.


I’m not sure if you can really tell from the photo, but it feels much more inviting and pleasant now.

Next order of business: decide what color to paint the den (currently blinding orange, and visible in the third photo)

 Then when I got back to my old place, I found a package from my Secret Pal!  She sent me lovely Lorna’s Laces sock yarn in a very warm shade of brown called “Harvest.”

Lorna's Laces Harvest

She also sent beauty soap, lavender hand lotion, and a wonderfully fragrant lavender sachet.


I love the scent, and it is tucked in with my stash now. Thank you SP!

13 thoughts on “My Shiny New Dining Room

  1. Darling, the beauty soap was meant as a joke…it said Cashmere on the box goose. You get it now right? I wanted you to have some cashmere from me…
    The lavendar is from my garden and I have lots more if you want more pls let me know.
    This little gift was a “tide her over until I finish my surprize gift and can send it off” package, I hope you liked the little things.
    I love the new blue and plan to copy you on that paint color for my living room.
    The new condo looks great. Can you post some more photos? When are you moving in?

  2. Great job on the dining room! It looks awesome. I love that staircase, by the way. I’ve always wanted a house or apartment with one of those.

    And it’s LL in a nearly solid. That stuff is fairly hard to find. Nice sock yarn!

  3. I love the new paint color! It’s the color I plan on painting all my walls someday.That looks about like the color we had in my parents house for years and years- I was so sad when they repainted it in a taupe!

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  5. Great color! What undertones does it have? is it a baby blue or does it have some green and gray to it? Wanting to use it but can’t figure out the color!! Thanks!

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