The good news:  I figured out the pattern for Pomatomus!  The chart didn’t make any sense to me before I started, but once I got into the pattern it was very easy to memorize.

The bad news:  These socks are going to be tiny!  Comically tiny.  There is no way they would have worked for me.  Or my mom.  Or my sister.  They are just way, way too small.

Where did I go wrong?  I think my gauge has changed as I’ve become more accustomed to small needles.  I’ve only knit a few pairs of socks, and of course I wasn’t immediately comfortable with the tiny needles.  I couldn’t get a good grip on them, so everything came out really loose and I had to go down a size.  I think that as I’ve become more comfortable with the small needles I’ve started to get what would be a “normal” gauge.  Since I was still using a smaller needle, I came out with smaller socks.  Oh poo.

I won’t re-attempt these immediately.  I picked Pomatomus in green because of the March Socktopia theme “It’s not easy being green.”  Now that March is over I’m not in any rush.  I also have a TON of this yarn (CTH Supersock) that I got as a mill end from ebay.  I think I’ll use it to swatch for Serrano.


4 thoughts on “Bummer

  1. My first go with Pomatomus was way too small, too. I mean, they were super stretchy – it went around my leg and all. But it was so stretched out that it didn’t look so hot (the holes from the yo at the begining of the needle were way too big). I started over with a thicker yarn and bigger needles, and they’re looking much better.

  2. They’re beautiful! Too bad they’re too small, but now that you know the pattern, you’ll whip them up in no time when you’re ready!

  3. That stinks, after all that hard work deciphering the pattern, to find out they don’t fit. I hope that after some time in “time out” they’ll be ready for a second try. I love the wavy pattern.

  4. I did print this pattern out from Knitty as well, but it is still in my ‘future knitting folder’. I love this motif as well. Very beautiful!!

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