Thank you SP!

I got a great package from my SP! She sent me…

a neat little tote bag that is perfect for smaller projects,

a book,

deliciously soft red alpaca yarn,

a ruffle scarf in red and green (is it CTH?)

AND chocolate, AND yummy-smelling lotion.

Thank you Pal, you’re awesome! AND I still don’t know who you are. I need to find out though, because I want to make you something to thank you for being so great!


5 thoughts on “Thank you SP!

  1. that scarf looks like the yarn i am making my floppy hat out of. It is some bamboo i got … oh shoot i can’t remember i will have to look it up. but it looks just like it

  2. Must tell you the Baby Alpaca Grande is just delicous yarn. I just finished Knitting Pure and Simple’s Weekend Neck Down sweater in the blue colors of this particular yarn and love it. I can’t wait until next fall to really start wearing it. Enjoy

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