Serrano Progress – Hem

Everyone, go look at Yarnthulhu’s Serrano!

It’s beautiful, and it has definitely inspired me to work on my own in the last few days.  I’ve made some good progress, but it occurs to me that this will take awhile.  I’ll need to document every little step to get any content in the upcoming weeks. 

If anyone is puzzled by the whole “provisional cast on, folded hem” thing, I’ll show you step by step.


Unzip the crochet chain that you used to start the provisional cast-on, and grab the live stitches with a spare needle. This is easier to do with a needle a couple of sizes smaller than the one you’ve been working with.


Once you have all the stitches on the spare needle, hold the two needles side by side, with the cast-on stitches on the wrong side of the work. Knit one stitch from the front needle together with one stitch from the back needle.


Behold, a completed hem!

 Edited to add:  Yes, it is like a three-needle bind off!  Thanks for pointing that out!


8 thoughts on “Serrano Progress – Hem

  1. Your magnolia photo is beautiful!! I hope I can learn to take photos like that. I’m still practicing with the new camera.

    Is the hem you’re doing the same as a three-needle bind off? I can’t wait to see more of your sweater.

  2. Great pics & explanation! I did my very first provisional cast on this weekend – but no hem, someday soon – that finished edge looks so sharp!

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