I’m looking at you!


If this little guy shows up at your house this week, you’re my Knittyboard Secret Pal!


So, Pal, did you find me?

Edited to add:  If you aren’t my pal and you want one of your own, I used the Nautie pattern from Knitty.

Edited further to add:  My husband calls it the Zoidberg doll.

7 thoughts on “I’m looking at you!

  1. What is that thing? A crab? Or a nautalis? It’s super cute whatever it is. Did you use a pattern – or just make it up?

  2. I found you! I found you!

    I LOVE Nautie…so do my baby and my cat. We’re having a three way tie for the win right now…i’ll let you know how it ends up!

    You are the best secret pal EVER!!!! Thank you so much for all the fantastic spoiling. You are AWESOME!

  3. That nautie pattern didn’t really do that much for me when I first saw it, but yours is adorable. I may just have to try one myself now. Love your colors.

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