What Color for the Den?


Honest to God, this is the current color of the den. It isn’t so much my style.

So, what color should we paint it?

Things to keep in mind:
– The couch is khaki
– The carpet is beige
– The windows look out onto a deck that is covered by another deck, so it is rather dimly lit

IMG_1330 (2)
– One wall is orange brick

IMG_1320 (2)
– One wall is a warm wood and black built-in shelving unit

The main candidates are blue and green, because those are our colors (for the record, the living room is yellow with a brick colored couch, so there are warm colors in the house somewhere).  We’re not sure about the blue, because the adjacent dining room is already blue.  But then again, the bedroom is already green.  If we did blue, it would be more saturated than the blue in the dining room.  In the various photos you can see two blue paint samples side by side.  The darker one is the leading candidate for this room, the lighter one is what we have in the dining room.

What color would YOU paint this room?


13 thoughts on “What Color for the Den?

  1. You say that the room doesn’t get a lot of light because of the covered deck, right? Unless you are going for a darkroom feel (from the colors you’re considering) the built-in is already a light-absorber and it might work to use the palest tone you can match of the wood veneer and use that on just the built-in framing wall (maybe a very pale golden brown or a sandy shade of taupe or pale yellow?)

    You’ve also got two opposite walls that, to say the least, have an imposing presence, which is probably going to make the room read smaller. So I would go with the lightest color you can to bring in more light and would set off the khaki couch well.

    You could still use both blues, but more as accent colors in throws, pillows, or drapes, or painting the trim, door frames, louvers to tie to the rest of the house.

    If you are not really happy with the brick wall, you could minimize that using tension rods and inexpensive fabric to hang over the two side sections; bookcases might be another option.

  2. Wow, that orange is crazy!
    Hmm, that’s a hard choice. I think either color would look good but I think I’m leaning towards the blue color. Whatever you decide I’m sure will look great!

  3. I would go with the lighter color. Wow, those previous owners went crazy with the wild colors! They sure weren’t thinking about resale (hopefully you got a deal though because of it!) I once looked at a house with a completely pitch BLACK bedroom and bathroom. It was the master bedroom/bath – I was like, get me out of here! Who knows what they’re doing in here?!?

  4. Well first I would paint over that orange with white just so I could THINK. Personally, I like warmer colors, especially if you aren’t going to paint over the brick. Between the two in the photo though, I like the bottom color best BUT the top color would probably be best with the available light and the brick.

  5. I am leaning towards light tan with white trim. If you ever choose to paint the brick, it paints beautifully but the natural brick suits me best.

  6. Holy orange – you really weren’t kidding about that! I think I like the top, lighter swatch, but it’s so hard to tell against all that BRIGHT.

  7. My choice would be for an ivory to light tan. It will go with your carpet and couch, the brick wall, and be a neutral transition from the blue and green walls in your other rooms. As the other commenters said, you can put green and blue pillows on your couch, and/or use other accessories in those colors to tie the rooms together. Take it from someone with a houseful of north-facing dark rooms, anything but the lightest shades are going to make the room uninviting and dark like a cave. Even with ivory wallpaper, our living room is dark because of the fact that the front porch roof covers the windows, which face north. Use the lightest (color and weight) curtains you can find. 🙂

  8. As soon as I saw the photo, I thought, “Green.” (This was before I read that you were considering blue or green.) But then again, I have a habit of pairing red brick with greens.

    I tend to go for off-white walls for the brightness and flexibility with furniture colors, but if your furniture is in the khaki/beige family…hmmm…the darker blue would bring a nice contrast.

    I once saw a nice, restrained green in a dollhouse book, kind of like a green equivalent of the darker blue shown in your pic. In the dollhouse, the trim was a cream/yellow, but I bet the dark cabinet would look pretty stylish with either the blue or the green.

    If I ever get the chance, I’m going to have that green room…

    Thanks for your comment on my double-knit scarf. There wasn’t much of a pattern, since I just improvised the whole thing.

    Have fun! 🙂

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