Thank you Jody!

I love them!



My Knittyboard (formerly) secret pal Jody sent me Fetchings, and they’re great.  I’ve never made them, so I didn’t really realize how clever the pattern is.  The cables pull in the gauge, so they’re a bit tigter around the wrists and knuckles to keep them on.  Brilliant!  Thank you Jody!


5 thoughts on “Thank you Jody!

  1. I loved making them too. I changed the last few rows to include more ribbing and skipped the bind off that the pattern called for. You have them, mistakes and all. Yes, there are a couple or mistakes. That makes them better doesn’t it? I read that somewhere.
    Yes I left them out of your box by accident and wanted to make sure they made it to you anyway. CTH of course! Love ya Em. Take good care. J

  2. Sweet! The lively color combo makes it look pretty comfy.
    I’ve been dreaming about making gloves for several seasons now. Better get cracking before I move to SoCal…

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