A few of you have asked if I finished those socks for my mom.


I didn’t. I showed them to her on Mother’s Day, and she seems to like them. She forgives me, because she’s forgiving in general, she loves me, and I have a good excuse.

Three good excuses, actually. I’ve barely been knitting at all lately, for the following reasons.

1) Work


We’re working on a huge case right now. HUGE! I just got home from work actually. At 12:20 am. How depressing.

2) The Move


You may be thinking “hey, so that condo you bought… when are you actually moving there?” In a week. I’m not remotely ready.

3) I have a boo-boo on my yarn finger.


I know, I’m a big baby. It’s not a bad boo-boo, but it’s on the finger I use to “throw” the yarn, so it makes the whole operation much more difficult.

The boo-boo is almost better and the move will be over by June 1 whether I like it or not.  Work will be busy until I quit to go to law school.  Ah well, just a few more months to go.


5 thoughts on “Remiss

  1. Those socks are fabulous! You’ll finish them when work lets up, you’re all moved in, and your finger feels better. In the meantime, give yourself a break.

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