Blast from the Past

This is the earliest known example of my knitting.


It’s a garter-stitch headband/earwarmer.


The plan would have been to sew together the short ends using those tails. I made others that I did sew up and use and I’m not sure why I never sewed this one. Maybe I thought it looked uneven, and decided to use one that was better. It is uneven, but I think it’s sort of cute. I was like 9 at the time, what do you expect?

What is YOUR first knitted thing?

PS:  Shout out to my mom, who taught me how to knit and suggested I do this post.

7 thoughts on “Blast from the Past

  1. Awww, that’s cute! I know my mom taught me to knit when I was really young too and I remember starting a grey scaf. I know I never finished it because I remember it being like 10 inches wide! LOL

  2. How cute!

    My first knitting was a red swatch with holes in it. I was 4 or thereabouts.
    My first completely finished object was actually a pair of socks! I didn’t knit them by myself, though, a friend of my grandma’s walked me through the entire process.

  3. I love it – also love that’s it’s from when you were a kid and that your mom was your teacher – that’s good stuff & good memories!! My SIL taught me (she’s pretty darn great), just a couple years ago – she got me started by having me work on a washcloth she was making. I went to the craft store that night and picked up needles and some Lion Brand Homespun and within a few days I had a scarf 😉 I abandoned knitting with Homespun pretty quickly after that, but I actually still wear the scarf once in awhile.

  4. That’s so cute! I especially love it because a 3rd-grader I taught to knit in Knitting Club at school made a headband – well actually, it was going to be, but she had so many mistakes it was dwindling away to nothing (I don’t know what she did…I’d been picking up her dropped stitches, but these just seemed to disappear) so she made it into a wristband instead. *Sigh* – I bet she’s already thrown it away. Kids these days 😉

  5. Heh, my first knits were a couple of swatches, then a long 2×2 rib scarf. It took me a year to figure out that I was purling through the back loop!

  6. My first project was a dark green garter stitch scarf. I didn’t save it but now I sort of wish I did.

    Good luck with Serrano! And I hope your move went smoothly, if you are in your new place.

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