Finally on Vacation

To all of you who have commented in the last, oh, month, I’m so sorry.  I’ve been miserable about replying to comments, and I apologise.  I really appreciate it when folks say hi, and I’m going to try to be better about showing it. 

The first two weeks of June were especially horrible – I’m starting law school in August, so I had to start wrapping up at my job AND move home to Hartford.  We had a crazy deadline at work, and I got 5.5 hours of sleep in two days.  Ugh, better not to dwell on it, since now I’M ON VACATION!

James and I left Hartford this morning, and drove 415 miles to Niagara Falls.

Day1 027

Day1 036

Day1 055

Day1 051

It was beautiful. Next stop Cleveland!


7 thoughts on “Finally on Vacation

  1. Well, when you get back, our SnB has moved to the Olymipa Diner on the Berlin Turnpike in Newington (uh, tentatively). We are trying to find a new home since Atlanta Bread refuses to put a sun shade up where we sit. We tried Stew Leonards, but the animatronics (cows mooing, milk cartons singing, etc.) were too much for some of the gals. Just check our message board before you come to make sure of where we’ll be:

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