We’re having a great time on our road trip!  From Niagara Falls we went to Cleveland and saw the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  It was neat, but very boomer-oriented.  A lot of the memorabilia was from before my time, so maybe people who remember the 1960s and 1970s would get more out of it.  It was still a lot of fun, though.  The next day we went to Cedar Point the “roller coaster capital of the world.”  From there we went to visit my relatives in Illinois.

My grandma lives in the far western suburbs of Chicago, and we stayed with her for a few days.  She is very artistic, and her current main hobby is basketry.  She gave me a beautiful basket that she made, that I can keep knitting stuff in.
illinois 042
It’s beautiful, and I’m touched that she gave it to me.

When we were staying with her, we took the train into Chicago for the day and saw the sights.
illinois 022
Millenium Park is really neat.
illinois 009

From there, we went to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins in central Illinois. I hadn’t been to their town in several years, and it was really interesting to see the sites in their stories.

This afternoon we went to the Abraham Lincoln museaum in Springfield. It was great. I would recommend it to anyone. They had very well-done exhibits and presentations. And some disconcerting dummies in the “plaza” area.
illinois 055
From Springfield we drove to St Louis. We’re having so much fun!

6 thoughts on “Illinois

  1. Lucky you!! Nothing more fun than a summer road trip. That is so nice that you have something your grandmother made for you. It’s a beautiful basket.

  2. I love Illinois, I want to go back! There’s so much fun to be had, and it looks like you’re doing an excellent job having it. Enjoy St. Louis!

  3. That last photo is hysterical – I almost fell out of my chair laughing 🙂

    And what a beautiful basket – that is a very precious gift!

    Glad you are having such a great time – enjoy the rest of it!

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