Home Again

Whew!  We’re back from the trip.  The two major things we did since the last post was visit our friend Brian in Austin and our friend Amanda in Louisville.  There was much drinking and goofing around.  No pictures.

We were supposed to go to Virginia after Kentucky, but we were TIRED so we went home.  We spent the night near Cumberland, Maryland.  On the way there, at dusk, we stopped at an absurdly scenic rest area.


We definitely need to go back to West Virginia and Maryland. They were beautiful, but we were too road-weary to want to do anything.

Meanwhile I HAVE been knitting. I’m working on some secret projects that I’m not quite ready to share yet, but I did start these.

knitting 003

These might be the ugliest Jaywalkers ever created. Or they might be awesome. I can’t decide. They’re in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, African Gray. It somehow didn’t look as garish in the skien. It is incredibly garish though. I’m so ambivalent about how these are turning out that I seldom work on them (though I have made progress since taking the photo). I wonder if Grumperina has a prize for most colorful Jaywalkers.


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