My Tempest Socks are Stepping Out

Tempest 3

I chose a rainy July evening to introduce you to an original sock pattern.

Tempest 2

I call them Tempest. I used Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the Tropical Storm colorway. It reminded me (appropriately enough) of a thunderstorm, so I chose a zig-zagging lightning bolt pattern for the lace.

Tempest 1

If you’d like to look at the pattern, I posted it here.


12 thoughts on “My Tempest Socks are Stepping Out

  1. Hi! I clicked over from the Ravelry Nutmeg Knitters group. These are excellent socks! Great color and a great pattern. Thank you for sharing it too! My husband just completed Law School this past winter. After 4 years, I am so glad that he is done! We live in the Torrington area but only 20 minutes from Canton or Farmington.

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