I’m sorry Clapotis, I still love you

I’m a bit ashamed that I wrote that last post.  I wrote it at the office when I was done with my work for the week but couldn’t quite sneak away yet.  I had all of those yarn pictures on flickr because I had added them to my ravelry stash, and I figured that I might as well lay out my thoughts for what was next.

When I got home, Clapotis stared at me reproachfully. Serrano was so angry that we’re still not speaking. I should not have planned out my future projects when I have so many things in progress, so I’ll buckle down and finish a few things before I start any others.

Clapotis is the worst – I’m only about three quarters of the way through, and I started it in JANUARY.   While I only ever really work on it as zombie knitting, it is getting a bit silly that it still isn’t finished. I made some good progress on it this weekend.


This will definitely be my last Clapotis. It is my third, and while I had fun with the other two, knitting the same easy pattern three times is a bit draining. I just love the way it’s turning out though.


I get the sense that the law school classrooms are drafty, so I’ll probably end up wearing it quite a bit.

I’m working on several secret projects at the moment, so my WIP basket is even more full than I’ve been letting on.  I feel bad hiding so much from you, but you’ll see it all soon enough.  There is one particular thing that you’ll see relatively soon, and I’m thrilled about it because many more people will see it too.  But that’s all I’ll say for now – it won’t feel real to me until it actually happens, and I don’t want to jinx it!


6 thoughts on “I’m sorry Clapotis, I still love you

  1. LOL … it looks great! But, really, you’ll be disappointed in the draftiness of the classrooms. They actually rather…bake. Can’t wait to hear how the first week goes!

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