Serrano Update #5

I divided the body at the arm holes ages ago, but I haven’t made much progress beyond that.  The shaping got a lot more complicated, and I was totally fried from work and moving.  Now that I’ve finished up my job and I have more time on my hands I want to finish Serrano before it gets too cold to wear it.

Back when I first started this project I decided that since my gauge was a bit small, I should make the next size up and just not block it to the full measurements.  I’ve been worried this whole time that it might have been a mistake, that the lace would open up the moment it got wet and be way too big. Today I couldn’t handle the suspense anymore, and I got it wet to see what would happen.


It will fit! I stretched it into shape, and it went to 42 inches. Just what I had planned!  Hooray!  Now that I have confirmation that it will fit, I am even more excited to get back to work.

Serrano Texture

I also love what the blocking has done to the texture. I’m so excited!

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