Rockin’ Blogs

I was totally psyched and flattered to learn that MLE named me a Rockin’ Girl Blogger.


I’d like to recognize some more rockin’ gals. Since I believe in spreading the wealth, I focused on people who did not already have the Rockin’ Girl Blogger button up. There are obviously a ton of rockin’ bloggers, but here are five more in no particular order:

Nicole from All Buttoned Up. Nicole is a really neat person who has made some beautiful stuff. I admire her most for an ongoing project of hers that is becoming one of the most valuable resources in the land of knitblogs, and becoming even more useful by the day.  The Walker Treasury Project  was her idea.  I think it shows off some of the very best aspects of our community.  Which reminds me, I had planned to do a few more swatches…

– Robin from Yarncrawl. Robin cranks out beautiful work at an amazing pace, especially considering she works AND takes classes too. She’s also always there with supportive comments and advice.

– Ruth from Knitting on Impulse. I would be absolutely shocked if no one else had nominated her, but I haven’t seen any mention on her blog. Perhaps blog memes aren’t her style. If you’ve never seen her blog it should absolutely be your next click. She creates beautiful things and her blog is full of stunning photography. Her series on creating color schemes from what you find in nature is a must.

– Batty from Batty’s Adventures in Spooky Knitting. I first became aware of Batty on the Knittyboard, and she’s a hoot. She’s also a prolific commenter on other people’s blogs, which I really admire. I don’t comment as often as I should, and blog comments create the great sense of community that we have. Plus, bats are awesome.

Kelly from Kelp! Knits. Check out these socks, and  this shawl and this cat bed. Beautiful stuff!

These two gals have already been nominated, but I had to mention them too:

Mel from Pipe Dreams and Purling Plans.  Check out her design in the August issue of Magknits. I was lucky enough to hear about the design in the planning stages, and I’m SO impressed.

Ruth from Ruthless Knitting. Ruth also has some awesome designs, and her Sheldon is currently the MOST POPULAR toy in Ravelry! Ruth also provides a really interesting mix of knitting and non-knitting content. Check our her series on the adventures of Florence.

So, these are some of my favorite bloggers.  If you’ve never visited them, you really should! 


11 thoughts on “Rockin’ Blogs

  1. I love to see all the awesome blogs linked through the Rockin’ Girl Blogger. I have found some hidden gems out there!

    Thanks for your kind words regarding my pattern in Magknits.

  2. Yes, you rock! People like you make me want to find out what’s going on, hence the comments. : )

    Thanks for picking me as a fellow Rockin’ Girl Blogger, I feel honored.

  3. Thanks so much for the design props Emilee – It means an awful lot! There’s no way that would have happened without the design blog and all of you & your feedback & encouragement, and that fun design challenge (and was that you talking it up on the knittyboard too? I haven’t been good about keeping up with the board in awhile, but I have to admit to doing a cursory feedback check 😉 Thanks for your kind words there too!!)

    You absolutely do ROCK!

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  6. Thank you *so* much for the nice commentary about my blog! I really appreciate that. I did get nominated but did not get a chance to talk about it. Bad blogger, bad!

  7. Thank-you so much for the nomination – I have been terribly remiss about getting the button up! (And also the tagging part of memes makes me anxious, so I tend to procrastinate….) Nevertheless, your kind words are much appreciated!

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