Serrano Sleeves


I’m getting there.  I’ve done 5 pattern repeats on the sleeves, and I’ll do one more repeat before I begin the shaping for the sleeve cap. I would love to be done with this sweater soon.  Elin finished hers recently which has made me even more anxious to finish mine.

 I’ve decided to do 3/4 sleeves, so the ideal weather for this sweater is around 65-70F.

9.9 forecast

According to WFSB it’ll be warm for awhile yet, but I shouldn’t waste any time.  The temperature is pretty unpredictable around here in the fall, and I’d be disappointed if it suddenly got too cold to wear it comfortably.  The actual knitting shouldn’t take too much longer, but I’m concerned about the seaming.  Oh well.  The only way to improve is practice, right?  I really hope that a week from now I’ll be able to show off my finished Serrano.

10 thoughts on “Serrano Sleeves

  1. Very pretty sleeves!

    I think you’re right. It’s going to be cold before you know it, and then we’ll be freezing till May. My problem right now is that I’m trying to prepare for the LSAT in less than 3 weeks (gaaaah! less than 3 weeks!) and knit to calm down… while falling asleep in the gloomy, rainy sleepy weather. Caffeine is my friend.

  2. I love that color! I think Fall will be here before you know it and you’ll have plenty of chances to wear your beautiful sweater!

  3. Those are really pretty sleeves. Looking at the forecast you postes, I think they were wrong about today — it was much hotter than 82! We spent the whole afternoon at hot and parched softball fields in Wallingford and it was HOT! I am so looking forward to real fall weather. I”m going to go look at what kind of sweater those sleeves are going to belong to:) Have a great evening.

  4. Lovely! We’re having upper 60s/lower 70s for a couple of days this week (it’s chilly and raining right now) so it very well could be heading your way without warning.

  5. Good luck with law school!!!!

    I’m impressed you can knit both sleeves at once – the few times I’ve attempted it I’ve gotten in a muddle and ….. welll… it wasn’t a pretty end.

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