Ms. Redjeans

Law school is hard. Sewing up Serrano is hard. I need something easy to knit, something soothing.

Enter Mr. Greenjeans.


I started this last night, and during the course of “Stranger than Fiction” I got a good few inches done.


This is for my mom. I have had this yarn for years, and until now I haven’t felt that I was doing it justice.  First I started a simple vest, because the yarn was so beautiful I wanted the color variations to take the center stage. It didn’t really turn out, and I frogged the yarn way back in June 2006. For awhile, I was planning to do a sweater with corrugated rib cuffs but the texture of the yarn made corrugated rib very stiff and messy looking.  I don’t have much of it, so I’ve been really afraid to start something and then run out of yarn.  This pattern doesn’t require a ton of yarn though, so I think it’ll be fine.  This is the perfect soothing project for fall, which is exactly what I need right now.


4 thoughts on “Ms. Redjeans

  1. I’m so glad to see you are knitting this; I want to make it too and I’ll look forward to your posts. Are you using the Miss Priss, or another yarn? I’d like to do a variegated yarn, but I’m worried about pooling. Had a bad experience with WoolPak NZ once.

    Glad you have some knitting time with law school!

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