Sheep for Elizabeth

It was my friend Elizabeth’s birthday recently.  She has a bit of a thing for sheep (yes, she’s a knitter) so I wanted to give her something sheepie.


I chose “Felted Flock” (Fibertrends 206x) and I think it turned out really well. Here he is posed with some of his new friends in her collection.

It was a quick pattern, but I won’t call it easy.  I’m kicking myself for not taking pre-felting pictures, because there was some intense short-row shaping, especially on the butt.  You can see it pretty clearly in Robin’s pictures.  I used Lamb’s Pride Worsted, and it felted up really tightly, you can barely tell that it was knit.  It was a lot of fun though, and I’ll probably make some more!

7 thoughts on “Sheep for Elizabeth

  1. That sheepie is totally adorable!! What a great knit Emilee, good job. My SIL has quite the thing for sheep too (black faced ones in particular), she’s not a knitter, but quite the supporter of my habit. I’m thinking she needs one 🙂

  2. I love your felted sheep Em!! I want one. Didn’t you once say you wanted to knit me something? Perhaps a sheep?? Seriously where is this pattern from?

  3. I love how your sheep turned out!! I like how furry he is. My stitches on the Cascade weren’t going to disappear no matter how long I felted it. The Lamb’s Pride is the way to go! I still like mine in his own way (as she says on the pattern – “each will be an individual”) – he just looks like he was recently shorn! For wool for me. LOL.

  4. Where is the pattern? Your sheep is absolutely the cutest thing. My grandchildren would go nuts over this. Hope all is well in spite of law school being hard.

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