Mmm… Manos

Serrano and I are in a fight.  I can’t get the shoulders to look right and/or fit well.

Law school is still hard.

So I spent a lot of time knitting with Manos this weekend, and THAT’S been working out, at least.


Here is Ms. Redjeans, just after I divided the sleeves from the body. It’s SO hard to capture the color of the yarn, but this picture came the closest. Disregard how uneven it looks.

In one of the iterations of the “Manos Sweater for Mom” I had corrugated rib cuffsusing a contrasting color of Manos. The corrugated ribbing wasn’t working out for a number of reasons, and now that I’m doing Mr Greenjeans I don’t need the contrasting color anymore.


It’s very nice though, and very autumnal. The thick-and-thin nature of this skein made me think of Ysolda’s Urchin. I’m not really a beret kind of gal, but I thought it was fun doing garter short rows for the sheep. Urchin is a lot of fun so far!


5 thoughts on “Mmm… Manos

  1. Your Mr. RedJeans is so pretty. Soothing you say? I’m thinking of starting one soon. I think I’m going to use my Malabrigo that I was going to use for Dark Victory, since Dark Victory and I are NOT friends. Mr. Redjeans looks so nice an pretty sitting there behaving itself so nicely and doing the things that the pattern tells it to do! How tempting!

  2. Catching up on blogs today! I love that yarn – it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Must go buy some Manos…my issue usually is that they don’t have enough of one color at my LYS to make a sweater.

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