This was a fun and incredibly fast knit.


It looks OK on me, I guess. I’m not sure I’ll ever wear it in public. Despite my French heritage, I’m not really a beret kind of gal. Besides, no one can rock a beret like Ysolda.


It had a funny balloon-like shape before blocking, but after some time on my two-salad-plates-and-a-cereal-bowl blocking apparatus it has a nice crease in it.


I used a skein of Manos that I had lying around, so it was a stash buster too. I would recommend this pattern to anyone, particularly if you want to get more comfortable with short rows. It was a lot of fun!

10 thoughts on “Urchin

  1. Hi Emilee! I’m one of the many who found you through Knitty, and wanted to let you know (now that the storm has died down) that I really enjoy your blog and pictures. I’m a first year physics grad student, so I sympathize with decreased knitting time…sigh… I actually have a ball of malabrigo chunky in my new school’s colors, and as soon as I can get my hands on the right size needles, I’ll be starting Foliage! Thanks for sharing the pattern! =)

  2. The hat looks great… I have the same ball of Manos, in the same colour, that I wanted to use for the same pattern! You’ve inspired me to go ahead and knit it up.

    By the way, I’m in the 3rd year of law school right now. I think most of my law friends would agree that first year is the toughest. Not to worry – we all made it through and it just gets better from here on. Best of luck!

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