Inadvertently Trendy

I was at the mall today trying (and failing) to buy a decent looking lawyer suit. Do any suit-wearers out there have any advice?

When I was there I saw this in the window of Forever 21.

Forever21 hat

Is it just me, or is it uncannily similar to this?

Emilee 143

That’s right, I’m trendy without even trying to be 😉


14 thoughts on “Inadvertently Trendy

  1. Trendy, indeed! That lace pattern on the Forever 21 cap is Oriel Lace — I know, because I knit it into socks a few months back. I like the leaves better!

    I’d try Ann Taylor for the suit, but look on the sale rack. Never pay full price at Ann Taylor.

  2. This lawyer also recommends Ann Taylor for suits — when they’re on sale. Also, I got a nice suit from Sigrid Olsen. And Macys sometimes have nice suits.

    The thing with suits is to make sure you are completely happy with the way it fits on you. A suit is an investment and you should have it for years.

  3. I just wanted to say that I love your foliage pattern! I’m a beginning lace knitter, and the chunky yarn makes learning all of the lace stitches really easy!

  4. Ann Taylor was EXCELLENT advice. I dig JCREW as well because you buy the pieces separately to fit the top and bottom. ABSOLUTELY necessary for this girl! JCREW.COM will show you styles.

  5. I also reccommend Ann Taylor…or the “trendier” version Ann Taylor Loft. Sale racks definitely, and you can buy the pieces separate there as well.

  6. I was going to say that since you are on the cutting edge of design, maybe you could design a suit?! Seriously, though, I agree with the others who voted for Ann Taylor (Loft).

  7. You are right in style – I like yours way better though.

    On the suit, I’d go with Ann Taylor itself rather than Loft. I think Loft tends to be a little too trendy for a lawyerly suit. I also have good luck with Nordstrom, as they have a good selection of petite suits (don’t know if you are or not, but thought I would mention it in case.)

  8. that is so weird…by the way, i love your foilage pattern, i made 2!
    also, i saw a sweater with a lace leaf pattern on it, looking a LOT like Foilage.o_0!

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