Darn that writers’ strike

As you probably know, television writers have gone on strike.  While this is good news for my law school career, this is terrible news for my knitting.  Ever since my senior year of college, my evening wind-down ritual has included a cup of herbal tea, The Daily Show (and now the Colbert Report) and my knitting.  There has been no new Daily Show since the strike began, so I’ve been <gasp> studying instead of knitting.  I know, I’m boring.

The news is still on though, so the knitting continues a little bit at a time. Because I can’t bring myself to finally tell the saga that is finishing Serrano, I’ve started yet another project.


These are the sleeves to “Tailored Scallops” from Lace Style.     It’s the sweater on the cover. The one that looks like a jacket made out of an afghan. That’s what I’m knitting

Part of me worries that it’s unforgiveable fug, and that it will look like I’ve merely wrapped myself in a blanket. For some reason, though, I’m holding out hope that I can wear it in public. And even if I can’t wear it in public, I have a drafty house and as a student I don’t want to pay to heat it. It can be my portable afghan housecoat.  You’ll still be my friends, right?


10 thoughts on “Darn that writers’ strike

  1. Oh I think that is such a pretty cardigan! Hey, as long as you enjoy knitting it…that’s all that matters but I’m sure it will look very nice in the end!

  2. Just yesterday my husband was complaining about the lack of new Daily Shows. The strike hits us all so terribly hard…

    Serrano’s almost done? I can’t wait to see it!

  3. Studying instead of knitting. So that’s what’s going to happen to me when I start law school? Somehow, it doesn’t surprise me, but it’s also sad. I hope the writers return to work soon!

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