Happy Birthday Caroline!

So my little sister is 21.  I can still make her an elephant toy for her birthday.  She’ll never be too old for elephants.


You may recognize the elephant as Ysolda’s Elijah. I made a couple of minor changes (bigger body, garter ears) but it was definitely mostly Ysolda’s pattern.


My sister has a thing for elephants, and I traditionally give her elephant-themed stuff for her birthday. As this is her 21st birthday, a pink elephant was especially appropriate.

I loved the pattern.  It was very cleverly constructed and had NO SEAMING which is a huge plus for me.  It was a bit difficult to pick up stitches from already-stuffed sections, but it wasn’t terribly difficult.  It only took me 4 days, and just over one skien of Filatura Di Crosa 501.  It was really nice to work on something quick, fun, and different.  Thanks Ysolda!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Caroline!

  1. ohhhh he’s so cute! lol at the whole pink elephant for her 21st thing!

    im relatively new to knitting but im going to give your fab foliage pattern a go, cant wait to see how it turns out 😀

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