Knitting Goals for 2008

When I made the list of knitting accomplishments yesterday, it made me think of my knitting goals for 2008.  I’ll save this list in a tab up top, and edit it as I check things off the list.  My goals fall into three main categories:

Finish the following projects:

  • Ms. Redjeans: I will finish this soon, because it is for my mom and her birthday is this week. I’ve decided that it won’t be totally finished when I present it to her. I’ve been using myself to judge the size, but she’s a bit smaller than I am, so I’ll have her try it on to see exactly how long the body and sleeves should be.
  • Socks for mom: These have been kicking around forever, and I need to finish them. I messed up the toe on one, but I fixed it finally and there is only a tiny bit left to go.
  • Red Light Special: This has been kicking around for A YEAR. My tension is usually so even that I’m embarrassed by the wonky tension I’m getting with stranding. I’ll finish this, and then begin the Stranded Challenge (see below)
  • Serrano: This will be tough. I’m having a hard time finishing Serrano because I’m not very good at seaming, and I want the seaming to be PERFECT. I spent so much time knitting it, and it has such potential, that it would break my heart if the crappy seams detracted from it.
  • Caroline’s Bagstopper: This is a very easy pattern, but the cotton yarn is hard on my hands. If I commit to doing a couple rounds a day it wouldn’t take all that long to finish.
  • Wearable Afgan/Tailored Scallops: I’ll finish it some time in 2008. I only started it in November though, so I’m not embarrassed about it yet.

Master a new skill:

I used to be decent at stranded colorwork, and I went through a big Lopi phase in college. (Exhibits: A, B, C, D). I hold the yarn differently now though, and while that generally makes me a lot faster, I’m not as good at stranded colorwork anymore. I’ve decided to work on that this year, with the help of Eunny Jang.

I want to complete the following projects in the following order:

  • Endpaper Mitts
  • Anemoi Mittens
  • Deep V Argyle Vest
  • Ivy League Vest
  • Venezia

I figure that the projects increase in difficulty at a manageable rate, so it will be a good way to build my skills. I also figure that it will take more than a year to complete all of those, so I will be satisfied with myself if I have at least swatched for Venezia in the next year.

Design related Goals:

  • I’d love to get into Knitty again in 2008
  • I want to get up the nerve to submit to two print publications.
  • Finish that submission for the other online publication that’s been on my desk for six months! I can’t tell you what it is yet, but I’ll tell you once I’ve done it.
  • Manage my time better: I have a ton of design ideas percolating in my head, but I’m bad with knitting deadlines. I need to organize myself so I can work on stuff and get it submitted in the right season.  No more finishing Halloween stuff right before Halloween so it’s too late for this year and frustratingly early for next year.

What are your knitting goals for 2008?

9 thoughts on “Knitting Goals for 2008

  1. Managing time – I don’t know anyone who can ever “master” that… I know I’m working on that one as well! LOL

    Hope everything goes well with your publications!


  2. I enjoyed reading your goals. You’ve got some lofty projects on your list! (gotta love those Eunny patterns) Deep V is a goal of mine too, but I don’t have the yarn, so it’ll have to wait until I’ve knit up some of my stash. Speaking of which, I just posted about said stash with a short goals list at the end!

  3. That’s an ambitious list–you certainly won’t get bored with knitting during the coming year! 🙂 Good luck with all of those projects. My own knitting goals for 2008 are pretty modest: the only thing on my list is to (finally!) knit a sweater for myself!

  4. Your list of goals has really got me burning to get some knitting goals typed up this year (ie resolutions I just might keep). One of them is definitely going to be to make the perfect Foliage for myself. I see more Knitty patterns in your future!

  5. *cheers you on* While I’m at it, maybe I should make a set of knitting goals, too! Seems like stranded knitting will be quite popular this year.

  6. Love the goals – I also want to knit Venezia and Deep V. Have to finish Mirepoix first though! Only one stranded knitting project on the needles at one time for me….

    Can’t wait to see more of your designs – I also have a lot of them percolating around myself. I think 2008 is going to be a design year for both of us!

  7. Oh my goodness! Your list of stranded projects to tackle would keep me going into 2020! 😀 I’ll keep an eye on the blog for progress.

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