Almost done with Ms. Redjeans


I’m in the home stretch for Ms. Redjeans. I will present it to my mom in the unfinished state, so I can plan the final sleeve and body lengths to her measurements. For the general size I’ve been thinking “snug on me will be good on her” but that helps me less when it comes to length.

Speaking of sleeves, I’ve awarded myself the The MacGyver Badge (Level One) for using a coffee can to corral the balls I’m using.


I subscribe to two main rules when it comes to sleeves (and socks, and mittens): 1) Never use DPNs when you can use Magic Loop and 2) the only way to ensure that they’ll match is to do them at the same time. Usually that works out fine, but when the sleeves are already attacked to the body because it’s worked top-down, things get a little funky. It’s ok though, it’s going fine, and the coffee can is helping me avoid tangles.

I’m usually proud of my even tension, and the thick and thin nature of Manos is making the finished project much lumpier than I’m used to.


It’s fine in the stockinette portion (I’m calling it “rustic”) but the cables looked TERRIBLE. So I decided to replace the cables with garter rib.


I think it matches the texture better. This will be in good shape to present to my mom on her birthday, and I’ll probably be able to finish it within a week or so after that.


8 thoughts on “Almost done with Ms. Redjeans

  1. Your mom will love it – Great color! I’m a big advocate of knitting sleeves at the same time – I know full well that they won’t match otherwise 😉

  2. Beautiful color, and I like the way the Manos is working up. Probably a good idea to do ribbing instead of the cables, though — with some variegates, the cables get lost, so what’s the point of knitting them?

  3. A very beautiful sweater. Love the color. I am learning so much on your blog. I didn’t know about Magic Loop and googled it. There is a YouTube movie showing how it works. I can’t wait to try it on mittens. I haven’t graduated to a sweater yet. Yours looks fantastic!

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