Red Light Special – Take Two

I had long and bumpy road with my first attempt at Red Light Special.  Towards the end of that attempt I watched this video on stranded knitting with two hands, and it finally clicked.  I decided to make another Red Light Special using that technique, as practice towards my 2008 fair isle goals.


I think it turned out a lot better.


I used Knit Picks ambrosia for the liner, and it is delightfully soft. I knit the whole liner with the yarn in my left hand so I could get used to the feeling, and I’m glad I did. I’m still getting used to it, but I know it will only get easier with practice.


My tension was a lot better this time, as this photo shows. I don’t like the color scheme as much as I did on the first one, because I think the blue and green are close enough that the pattern gets a bit lost. This is a useful lesson for further projects.


In general, I’m pretty happy with it.


14 thoughts on “Red Light Special – Take Two

  1. Well done, Emilee! It looks very soft and warm. I found the two-handed thing clicked for me after I forced myself to knit a whole scarf left-handed, so I know what you mean about how forcing yourself to knit the lining that way really improved your technique.

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