The Hemlock Ring blanket was for my grandmother, and the trusted couriers who delivered it were my parents. While they were in Illinois they also visited my cousin and her new baby. I made a Sheldon for him, and they delivered that also.

I’m surprised that it took me this long to make Sheldon, considering the fact that I read Ruth’s blog regularly and I’ve made my share of knitted toys. It’s a great pattern, and I would encourage anyone to make it. I’m particularly impressed at how the relatively easy pattern on the shell captures the look of a real turtle shell.


I used Mission Falls 1824 cotton, which was a good choice. I think the rustic texture is particularly suited to a toy reptile, and I had plenty of it around the house. It did come out a bit bigger than called for as a result, but that was not a problem.

Thanks Ruth, it’s a great pattern.  I hope baby Walter likes it!


8 thoughts on “Sheldon

  1. Nicely done! I still think Sheldon makes a great baby gift, though I personally have to wait at least 6 months between Sheldons in order not to approach them with dread. 😉

  2. He’s so cute! I’m a sucker for stuffed toys (I own more stuffed animals than a 30-something with no kids really should). You’re absolutely right about the Mission Falls — perfect choice.

  3. Awwwe, he’s so cute! I think knitted toys take extra patience with all the finishing, that is, if you’re not a big fan of finishing like me. I want to put this one on my list though in case the mood strikes me!

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