Eye Candy Friday – Milestones Edition


These are my law books. CLOSED. I finished my first year of law school.


Ivy Day

These photos show Ivy Day, which is my favorite college activity. It was a million times more special this year because it was my sister’s graduation.

Knitting content to follow eventually. I’m excited for a nice relaxing holiday weekend.


7 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday – Milestones Edition

  1. Congrats to all.

    The first year’s the worst – it’s all down hill from here.

    And Ivy Day was my favorite also!

  2. Missing Ivy Day… ! I am SO missing Smith! (I’m a 1992 grad) Congratulations to you and your sister! Julia is right, law school will get so much more “doable” after the first year. Enjoy it!

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