Swatch Saturday: Seed Stitch

I am working on my first true deadline project, so I have not made much progress at all on my other knitting goals.  I am extremely excited about the secret project though, so it’s worth it.

As I’m beginning my Bloggiversary week, I want to introduce a new weekly feature: Swatch Saturday.  In this feature, I will take a swatch I’ve knit for The Walker Treasury Project and discuss various uses for it.

Seed Stitch

This is Seed Stitch. It is an oldie but a goodie, a true classic pattern.  It is just as easy to work as K1 P1 ribbing, but has a completely different look.  Since it is such a contrast to stockinette, it can be used to emboss shapes on fields of stockinette. It can also be used as a background to cables, as a border, or as an all-over texture

Seed Stitch is also a beautiful New Hampshire-based knitting and fiber blog.