Two Years


I started this blog two years ago today.  I have the pointy sticks in hand, ready to keep it going for years to come. 

Two years ago thee was an awful lot going on in the knitblog world.  It was the Golden Age of See Eunny Knit.  Grumperina was locked in battle with Mountainash.  Some of my very favorite of Cara’s photos appeared on January One.  Gale of She Shoots Sheep Shots was making miters. Kelp was making (and fixing) beautiful lace. MLE’s blog was one of the first ones I followed, in large part because of our shared name and age, and she started her blog not long before I started mine.  Ruth of Knitting on Impulse was going strong, but I did not follow her blog until she moved to Whistler and started taking those amazing photos.  Nicole was cataloging sock yarn, but I did not get to know her until she started the Walker Treasury Project.

A lot has changed in the last two years.  Some of my favorite blogs two years ago have since gone dormant.   Some of my favorite blogs today did not exist in their current form two years ago. There is always change, always new blood, which is what makes this such a fun place to be.

In honor of my second bloggiversary I am holding my first blog contest. Please tell me about your favorite new thing to happen to the knitblog world. It could be a new blog you really love, or a new craze sweeping the knitting web. If you leave a comment I will enter your name into a drawing and one week from tonight I will randomly pick a name. The winner will receive this exceedingly festive Karabella Gossamer.

prize yarnsparkles!

I will also offer to knit you a Foliage in your choice of color, if you’re interested.

To all who read this: thank you for making the land of knit blogs an awesome place to hang out for the last two years.

21 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. Hi thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :o)

    My 1 year blogaversary passedw ithout me noticing…. Congratulations onyour 2nd year.

    Mmmm the singles are pretty not so convinced about the 3ply it’s made….

  2. Congratulations on the blogiversary!! The best thing to happen in blogland (very selfishly) is that I found it!! Discovered it a little over a year ago and it has totally inspired and enriched my knitting. I’ve disovered tons of new designers and patterns and made some great friends. Long may blogland grow and flourish!!

  3. Congrats on your blogiversary! My two-year anniversary was yesterday, but I was so swamped at work that I completely forgot. Oops.

    To many yours years of obsessive knit chronicling! *raises her WIP in your direction*

  4. Happy blogiversary! 🙂 I always seem to miss mine!

    My favourite thing that has happened to the knit blog world is, oddly, Ravelry. Many folks said it would kill the knitblog world, but I find so many more blogs & interesting things to knit from it!

    I also love the knitblog world in general – the only other person I knew who knit when I started was my mother, so it was wonderful to find all these people who knit! And it vastly improved my knitting…though not my pocketbook!

  5. Congratulations on your 2nd Blogaversary! I enjoy following your projects and news. My favorite thing in the knit-blog world? Being able to see what knitters around the world are designing! I haven’t even tapped the riches of Ravelry yet; between the blogs and I’ve been treated to all sorts of beautiful ideas. Best wishes for many more blog posts to come!

  6. Happy anniversary!

    Gotta vote for a tie, between the burgeoning of free (and well-written) patterns online, and Ravelry for the finding of said patterns.

  7. Well, daily I check my bloglines for updates from Stephanie (the Yarn Harlot), Kristen Nicoles (Getting Stitches on the Farm), and Wendy. I also check to see if Cirilla (Skrilla Knits) had a chance to update or if Sarah Lou (Skeins and Beans) is working on anything new. And I love to see what Sheri (The Loopy Ewe) has new in her shop, though I’m biased there. And it’s always a nice treat when you update as well. 🙂 Hope all is going great for you!

  8. Happy 2 years!

    I love that the Yarn Harlot just knit up my June Sock Club kit ( and the pattern is my cousin’s!) It feels nice that she took the time to knit it up! A small little dream that I started almost a year ago has become a reality! It pays to dream!

  9. Happy 2 years! 🙂
    More people are addicted to ‘blog’ /Ravelry and having less time to knit.
    Do you agree?
    but, I still want to keep myself with the blog/Ravlery, because I meet lots of new friends / knitters there!
    It’s just fun!
    Happy Knitting, and hope to see more NEW CREATIVE PATTERNS from you again! 🙂

  10. Congratulations! Happy Blogiversary! I’d have to say my favorite thing is the trend of people going to their own domains. I can read those at work! I can’t visit wordpress and blogger blogs at work but those hosted on their own domain mean I can visit more regularly and keep up with the online knitting community I feel a part of easier. =)

  11. Hey, Congratulations!! I agree, it’s been a fun two years! Happy Blogiversary! I think I totally missed mine this year… year right?

  12. Congratulations. I found your blog from your foilage hat (my first lace project that I ever knit- if I’m interested in your knitting one if I win- are you kidding?!! Of course!).

    My favorite things are knitting blogs in general because I am new to reading them… my regulars are yours, Crazy Aunt Purl (always makes me laugh), Yarn Harlot, and Rose Kim, plus a dozen other I check with some frequency.

  13. 2 years–what an accomplishment!
    I am new to the knit blogging world, still in the newlywed phase (reading them for under a year)…it didn’t take long to feel inspired enough to start my own! I love seeing what other people are making, how they photograph yarn and projects, and generally enjoy reading about their knitting adventures.

  14. Happy 2 years!

    My favorite thing to happen in the blog world was discovering there actually was a blog world!!!

    Now I’m an addict!

  15. I just wanted to reply about your question even though the contest is closed.

    I have been seeing a lot in the knitting blog world “Plurk”/”Twitter” where you track your daily life activity!

    Happy 2 years in blogland and many more!!

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